How to Access 5th and 6th Rooms in Petville

Wed, Jan 6, 2010

PetVille, Social

Petville players all start out with one measly room to decorate, clean and entertain friends, but leveling up will quickly earn a 2nd and 3rd room, and eventually a 4th. For the serious social gamer, however, there is more than meets the eye – Petville offers even more rooms for your pixelated pets to stretch out and spend coins decorating. But how do you get them?

The 4th room is locked until you reach level 24 (and then opened free-of-charge), but in order to access the elusive 5th and 6th rooms, you have to shell out some coins – 25,000 Coins for the 5th room and 50,000 for the 6th. Click on the lock symbols in your house diagram (bottom right corner) to see the pop-up with more details, and the option to buy some extra square footage for your pet… if Fluffy deserves it. Happy house hunting!

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