How Much Muck Would a Muck Chuck Chuck?

Thu, May 9, 2013

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I do so enjoy a name with a crafty double meaning, so I’m already inclined to like Chuck the Muck from TriplePoint client Kiz Studios. See, Muck is kind of their thing; they’re the folks behind SmashMuck Champions, and in one of their other titles, Critter Escape, the critter being referred to is a glob of Muck. The same holds true for the new game they just released today, Chuck the Muck – yes, you play the game by chucking some Muck around in a series of physics puzzles, but the Muck is also named Chuck. Chuck is Muck and you chuck Chuck the Muck. I haven’t even seen the game and I’m already having fun.

From the press release:

Chuckers will adventure through over 40 challenging levels, stretching and pulling gobs of muck, creating bridges and firing ooze cannons to help your high-flying, flatulent critter collect crystals, dodge volcanoes and avoid sneaky Welk Guards.  Chuck the Muck features game-changing abilities, like Deep Sea Diver and Flying Mammal, as well as bonus content and hidden gameplay unlocked by special Spelunker Gear. As they muck about, players will need to collect as many crystals as they can to feed Chuck and help him complete his epically flatulent quest.

Chuck is Mucking up both iOS and Android today.

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