How Free iPhone Games Can Be Successful

Mon, Mar 22, 2010

Industry, iPhone, Mobile has a rather interesting article on the future of console gaming in regards to competition with the free-to-play offerings on the iPhone. Neil Young, the CEO of ngmoco has been reported as saying that as long as the free-to-play game has enough compelling content that the business model could generate more revenue than that generated from traditional game consoles.

Jason Oberfest, also of ngmoco said “It was very useful for us because we were able to see how a paid app performed versus a free app – a 10 times difference.” This is quite striking but true as more people are willing to try out an app if they’re only out a small bit of time. The company believes that monetizing a free app will make more money in the end than a paid app.

The quick-paced nature and notifications are the heart and soul of ngmoco’s games and why they claim to be so successful. I suppose that it must be working if ngmoco is comfortable talking about how it has revolutionized their business and how they plan to continue with it.

MazeFinger and Topple, ngmoco’s current games are currently available on the iPhone App store.

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