How Does Geometry Wars: Touch Control on the iPad? Like This

Tue, Apr 6, 2010

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Hey, Geometry Wars is coming soon to the iPad featuring touch screen controls and the same addictive gameplay we’ve come to love on other consoles. Of course, without good control, an iPad version would be useless so luckily we have Kotaku to tell us that we have nothing to worry about for the time being.

Kotaku spoke with Craig Howard of Bizzare Creations about the upcoming iPad title in which Craig said up front that the controls were the first priority when developing the iPad version.

“We played around with quite a lot of control methods until we found the method seen in the final game,” Howard says. “Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad uses the left side of the iPad touchscreen for movement, and the right side of the touchscreen for shooting. So, when you place your finger down on either side, it draws a virtual touch node that will remain in place until you move your finger off the screen.”

This all sounds very promising for those who just can’t get enough Geometry Wars and need their fix on their shiny new iPad. Along with the iPad version, Howard mentioned “As far as the iPhone…who says we’re skipping it?” Hmmm… interesting.

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