Hothead Ruins the Friendly Skies with Zombie Ace

Thu, May 24, 2012

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Look, the zombie apocalypse is an uncertain time at best, where you never know quite where the undead will pop up next. That’s a given. But there was one thing we could always count on: when you finally signal for rescue, and you get to the chopper, that’s it. You’re safe. Now, TriplePoint client Hothead Games has gone and released Zombie Ace, and given the shambling hordes the ability to fly. Thanks. Thanks a lot, you guys. That’s just friggin’ great.

Oh, and they’ve released it for free, just so we can get as many undead airborne as we can. That’s really terrific, thanks. From the press release:

As a Zombie Ace pilot, you will control planes full of zombies, landing in places like San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami, leaving chaos and destruction in your jet stream. In flight entertainment will see you battle jet fighters, tanks, giant killer robots, and even the odd Sasquatch in the quest to free America from its living shackles.

I guess we should all go download the game here. MAGNIFICENT.

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