Hotel City Gets More Luxurious With Themed Backgrounds

Tue, Jun 15, 2010

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Playfish has added collectibles to Hotel City in the form of Luxuries, items that you can receive and find in various ways and are used to unlock premium content. In this case, the content consists of the two new backgrounds, Night Time and New York, and their corresponding pre-decorated hotel rooms. You can find the new Backgrounds section at the bottom of your screen by clicking on the globe.

The Night Time theme is the cheapest of the two, requiring only 25 Luxuries to unlock. You’ll need 15 Watches and 10 First Class Airline Tickets for this set, or you can purchase the lot for 50 Playfish cash. Tickets are only available as a free gift, so you’ll need to ask your friends to send some your way. Watches, however, are Luxuries that you can find lying around your friends’ hotels. You can tell which neighbor has a Luxury item for you by keeping an eye on the bottom right corner of neighbor icons. A brown bag with a yellow bow will appear on neighbors harboring a Luxury, much as the coin appears over neighbors with free money. The Night Time room will net you 15 coins for each 6 minute stay, as well as 15 hotel points.

The second theme, New York, is a bit more expensive, requiring 31 Luxuries. The required 8 Coffee Cups and 10 First Class Airline Tickets are only available as free gifts. The 15 required Show Tickets are items that you will be able to pick up in your neighbors’ fine establishments. Alternatively, you can purchase the necessary Luxuries for 62 Playfish cash. The New York room is even better than the Night Time; each stay is only 5 minutes and will earn you 20 coins and points per guest. The room also comes with exclusive furniture.

There’s a third theme hinted at in the Backgrounds section: San Francisco. No word yet on when this collection will appear. You can check out the new themes for yourself here.

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