Hotel City Adds a Chinese Restaurant

Sat, Jun 26, 2010

Hotel City, Social

Playfish has added a new commercial room to the shop in Hotel City. This week’s addition is a new restaurant, specializing in Chinese food. The restaurant is titled Phoenix Palace and is lavishly decorated.

The new room can be found by opening the Build menu (clicking on the hammer) and selecting the Commercial Rooms tab. Phoenix Palace is available for 60,000 coins, a pretty hefty investment. However, the restaurant serves six guests at a time, more than the posh restaurant. Guests will pay 5 coins apiece for dinner at the Phoenix Palace, also gaining you 5 hotel points, and you’ll be able to hire a new employee. Guests will spend seven minutes in the restaurant. Plus, it looks a lot cooler than the Posh Restaurant does.

You can play Hotel City here and add the new Phoenix Palace now.

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