Hot Air Balloons, Gem Mine – Treasure Isle Updates!

Mon, Aug 16, 2010

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Two new features have been added to Treasure Isle, one of which will allow you to earn some of the game’s most coveted gems, while the other will allow you to hold more items in your backpack at once. The Gem Mine is just that – a mine that can be searched for gems, and that’s where we’ll start with this recap of new Treasure Isle features.

Go Mining for Gems in Treasure Isle

If you’re one of the many players who has a hard time completing some of the larger maps in the game because you run out of a particular color of gems, the new Gem Mine item will come in mighty handy in removing some of those Gem Statues from your path, as it will allow you to claim up to five gems for yourself, in any color of your choosing.

To receive these gems, you’ll first need to build a Gem Mine. The next time you login to the game, you’ll be given one for free and can place it on your island or store it for future use. If you decide to use it right now, you’ll need to spend some energy to make it ready to dig in. You’ll need to Break Ground, Drill the Shaft, Build a Support, and finally Remove Rubble (that’s 20 energy in total to open the mine).

At this point, the Mine itself is open, but you can only dig inside it after collecting 25 items – five each of five different ingredients: Bolts, Planks, Rope, Pillars, and Gears.

These items can be claimed either by posting a news item to your wall letting your friends know that you need a particular item (so that they’ll hopefully send it to you), or by waiting for your friends to initiate the gift-giving by offering you one of the ingredients from the game’s free gifts page. Each user only has access to two of the ingredients, so you’ll need an absolute minimum of three different friends to complete the event, if you choose not to purchase each of the ingredients for a single Island Cash per unit.

If you’d rather skip waiting altogether, you can also purchase all of the parts instantly for 22 Island Cash, which saves you 3 Island Cash, if purchasing them all separately.

Once you finish the mine, you’ll be able to use it to claim up to five gems of the color of your choice, with the gem mine being available to use once every 24 hours.

Expand Your Bag of Holding With a Hot Air Balloon

If your backpack is constantly overflowing with treasures, decorations, gifts and fruit, then perhaps you’d like a way to expand it to hold more items. Luckily, you can do just that by purchasing a Hot Air Balloon from the game’s store.

While it may not initially make sense, the Hot Air Balloon will allow you to hold 10 extra items in your backpack. As of this writing, there are eight different patterns of balloons that you can choose from, and all of them are limited edition, meaning that they won’t be around forever. The options here are Anvil, Steampunk, Strawberry, Checker, Kittens, Pink & Blue, Rainbow and Starry Balloons, and regardless of which one you pick, you’ll be paying 40 Island Cash to purchase it and add those 10 extra spaces to your backpack.

Is the price worth the extra space? That will be up to you to decide – head over to the game’s page to start shopping, or to build your own Gem Mine.

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