Mystery Crates, General Storesplosion, & More – FrontierVille Updates!

Wed, Aug 18, 2010

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Zynga has been busy updating FrontierVille this week, as they have launched a new Horseshoe and coin sale in the game, along with a slew of new items available to purchase in the game’s store as part of an event known as the General Storesplosion. Additionally, Mystery Animal Crates are now available to purchase in the game’s store, allowing you to get your hands on some cool, limited edition animals.

Save on Horseshoe and Coin Packages

If you’ve been saving up Horseshoes and coins for a particular item in the store, but still don’t have enough to buy that special item (or five) that you want, now is your chance to add to your savings for cheap, as Zynga has launched a sale on both Horseshoe and Coin packages in the game.

As usual, the most noticeable savings come when you spend more money, as you can now purchase a 1,000 Horseshoe or 100,000 coin package for $65 each, as opposed to the regular price of $100. Likewise, the next step down the line sees you purchasing 465 Horseshoes or 46,500 coins for $35, down from the original $50 price tag.

If you want to just purchase a few of each, on the other hand, you can purchase the game’s smallest packages, either 15 Horseshoes or 1,500 coins for just $2 each. There’s no saying when this sale will end, so be sure to take advantage of it while you still can.

General Storesplosion Adds New Items to the Store

The game’s marketplace has been updated this week in an event known as the General Storesplosion. The new items come in both permanent and limited edition forms, as well as containing items that go for both standard coins and Horseshoes.

Some of the items include a Sale Sign, Lemonade Stand, Fruit Stand, Delivery Wagon, and Sheriff Statue. All of the above are limited time availability items, that will only be available in the game for around the next two days. For these items, the Delivery Wagon, Sale Sign and both sale stands cost Horseshoes, while the Sheriff Statue costs 5,000 coins.

Meanwhile, some of the other items released include a stack of Crates, a Can Pyramid, a pile of Sacks and a Trash Pile, with only the Sacks and Crates being available for coins. Remember, these items are permanent additions to the game, so feel free to take your time in purchasing them.

New Mystery Crate Now Available

In other news, a new Mystery Animal Crate is available to purchase from the game’s market. Doing so will set you back a whopping 50 Horseshoes, but if you decide to splurge on a crate, you are guaranteed to receive one of three special limited edition animals, including a pink rabbit, gray owl, or blue hedgehog (Sonic reference?).

These crates will be available for two weeks, with the animals inside helping you to complete the Mystery Animal Collection, with the prize being a large Bear Statue at the end. Head over to the game’s page to purchase your own Mystery Animal Crate today.

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