Hop Down the Rabbit Hole to a Wonderland Tea Party in Restaurant City

Thu, May 6, 2010

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Where most major Facebook games celebrated Alice in Wonderland back in March to coincide with the new film’s theatrical release date, Playfish decided to bide their time, just now releasing such items in their hit game Restaurant City, through a theme entitled “Wonderland Tea Party.”

As with any respectable Alice in Wonderland theme, you can expect goofy, colorful items from this theme, and Playfish doesn’t disappoint in that respect. Where items like the Tea Tables and Wingback Chairs are perfectly fine – even normal – the variety starts to pick up when looking at other tabs of the game’s shop, as you’ll find characters from the iconic story, including the White Rabbit and March Hare, which are available to purchase for 4,600 and 9,500 coins, respectively.

You can purchase a full Tea Party table setup, complete with all of the virtual food and decorative items your theme could ever need, along with purchasing a stand-alone Tea Cake Tower or Flamingo decorative item. You’ll be able to finish the look of the theme by putting down some Wonderland Tile flooring, or covering your walls in the pale blue Wonderland Wallpaper.

In terms of those items available for Playfish Cash, you’ll find even more of the story’s characters available to purchase – the Mad Hatter goes for 6 Playfish Cash, while the croquet-playing Queen of Hearts goes for 8.

In the realm of more functional items, you can pick up a Red Rose Bush for 10 Playfish Cash, which serves as this theme’s Arcade Machine of sorts, allowing your customers to paint one of the bush’s white roses red, with the help of the red can of paint that’s at the base of the bush (and pay you a coin for doing so). Either you or your janitor will have to “fix” the bush after every twelve uses, similar to how an Arcade Machine breaks down and must be repaired after a set amount of uses.

One final item comes in the form of a Pocketwatch Stove, which cooks food a whopping 22% faster than a traditional stove, but comes with a high price tag to match its convenience, at 27 Playfish Cash each.

As you can see from the screens of these items, the theme here is actually quite small, but can be fleshed out by taking advantage of the current sale on complementary items (meaning that they compliment the current theme) like the Mushroom Chair and Purple Chair, which used to go for 800 and 950 coins, respectively, but are now available for 650 and 800 coins. Likewise, on the Decorations tab, the Giant Present is on sale for 4,000 coins, down from 4,500, while many varieties of the Las Vegas themed flooring, which is filled with symbols from a deck of cards, are also discounted.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to take advantage of not only these sale prices (which are sure to expire come the release of the next item theme in the game), but also to pick up any of these new Wonderland items for use in your restaurant.

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