Hit or Not Facebook Game Tackles the Real-World Music Industry

Thu, Feb 4, 2010

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Startup company thebizmo has released a new Facebook application called Hit or Not, which combines RPG-lite elements with real world musicians in an attempt to create a working music industry within the social networking space.

The basics of the gameplay, according to Inside Social Games, are simple. Users can login to Hit or Not and listen to real music by real musicians and then rank each song as to whether or not they think other users will like or dislike the song. Songs are ranked on a sliding scale from 0 to 100 points, with the “game’s” ultimate goal being to hit a 90% or higher “average rating” accuracy.

If a song strikes a chord with a user, they can give the artist themselves a nod by “signing” the artist. Doing so earns each aspiring music mogul Hit or Not dollars, with the signed songs also being exchangeable on a sort of in-game marketplace where they can be sold or traded.

For musicians, the app shows real potential  for getting their name out there with consumers, although unfortunately, the service isn’t an all-for-nothing experience, as each listener has a “battery” that will drain as songs are played, forcing them to let the battery recharge over the course of a few hours once it empties.

As you would expect from a music application, real MP3’s are available to purchase, should players like what they hear enough to add it to their collections. It will be interesting to see how sales develop as the app gains in popularity. If you’re interested in discovering some new artists, head over to the game’s Facebook page and get started.

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