Hey Look, a New Facebook Farming Game! Bumper Crop

Wed, Sep 22, 2010


We know what you’re thinking, “Sweet baby Jesus in heaven, not another farming game!” Hold up a second and let us share with you a new game we’ve developed for Facebook.

Bumper Crop (http://www.bumpercropgame.com) is new, it’s different and it makes those other farming games look like baby’s pablum. Bumper Crop starts you out easy but boldly goes where other games fail to go to keep your interest. Here are just a handful of features:

• Seeds and Trees: Bumper Crop offers rare crops and trees that are randomly given to only a select group of players. These players become their guardians. The players may decide to generously share them with everyone or guard them closely.

• Weeds: While other farming games foster a mindless clicking to grow vast monocultures, Bumper Crop encourages players to think strategically. In level 11, weeds start growing randomly. Some weeds grow slowly. Other weeds take over neighboring fields rapidly. The player has to decide between planting high profit crops or crops naturally resistant to weeds. Players can use trees as barriers to prevent weeds from spreading over the whole farm. Smart plant layouts can save the harvest.

Seed Saving: Seed saving is the time-honored measure to retain part of the harvest to derive seeds for the next season. In advanced levels, players can seed save part of the crop to avoid paying the wholesaler for new seeds.

And that’s just an itty-bitty part of what this game has in store. At this point in our soft launch, we’ve got 11 levels with another 19 levels in development! Right! We’re tired!

We realize that the face of Facebook games is changing and we’re at the forefront of that movement to make games that are more than just point and click – games that are more socially responsible, with a message that encourages learning and fun – all at the same time!

Now, let’s recap:
Game name: Bumper Crop
Game URL: http://www.bumpercropgame.com
Makes other farming game look like: Baby’s pablum

This article was written by Thomas Fischer (developer and big brain behind the game).

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