Hero World – It’s Like Mafia Wars, But With Tights

Wed, Feb 17, 2010

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Rockyou’s Hero World launched on Facebook last year, but if you’re like me, you’ve probably been too busy growing pumpkins or milking cows in FarmVille to notice. That being the case, Inside Social Games recently took a look at the game, to show us all what we have been missing.

Hero World is a traditional Facebook RPG that sees you creating your superhero alter-ego, and using them to complete missions, gain experience points (while losing energy), and collecting your hard-earned monetary compensation.

In addition to the standard “Missions” category, there are also Adventures to be had, Bosses to defeat, and Epic Battles to win. Boss battles are turn based affairs – you hit the attack button, and based on figures created by a random number generator, you either hit the boss, removing some of their health of miss. Afterwards, the boss hits back, and it’s a rinse and repeat system until you eventually take them down.

Adventures are a bit more complicated, in that they task you with first seeking out your enemy, before you can challenge them to a battle. This is accomplished via a map with a top-down perspective that has you following various paths to find each enemy’s three treasure chests, battling random enemies, and completing side-events, among other occurrences, all in the lead up to the boss battle.

Other game elements include the customization of your superhero and of your base of operations (which can earn income, a la Mafia Wars’ property system), recruiting friends to boost your stats, unlockable achievements, and player-vs-player battle elements in the Arena.

All told, Hero World is Mafia Wars with a twist. If that sounds interesting to you, put on your cape and spandex and save the world today!

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