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Tue, Jun 29, 2010

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If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to build a Dino Den in Happy Pets (see our full guide to building one by clicking here), you’ll have a wide array of new dinosaurs available for purchase in the game’s store.

As of this writing, there are 15 different dinosaurs available to purchase. Here’s a complete list, along with prices:

  • White T-Rex – 37795 coins
  • White Triceratops – 37795 coins
  • Grey T-Rex – 39795 coins
  • Grey Triceratops – 39795 coins
  • Brown T-Rex – 41795 coins
  • Brown Triceratops – 41795 coins
  • Blue T-Rex – 48 Facebook Credits (around $5 US)
  • Black T-Rex – 38 Facebook Credits (around $4 US)
  • Red T-Rex – 58 Facebook Credits (around $6 US)
  • Red Triceratops – 58 Facebook Credits
  • Blue Triceratops – 48 Facebook Credits
  • Black Triceratops – 38 Facebook Credits
  • Teal Triceratops – 68 Facebook Credits (around $7 US)
  • Teal T-Rex – 68 Facebook Credits
  • Mr. T-Rex (complete with purple mohawk) – 52 Facebook Credits ($5.20 US)

Regardless of which Dinosaur you choose to purchase, they all grow to adulthood in 14 days, so long as they are fed every 21 hours. Also, remember that, even in the case of the premium dinosaurs, you have to complete the Dino Den before you can purchase any of these dinosaurs. While you can browse through the options at will, the purchase button will be grayed out until that task is complete.

Do you plan on completing the Dino Den? Or are you going to skip on both it and the Dinosaurs associated with it due to its high ingredient demands?

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