FarmVille Pot of Gold for Saint Patrick’s Day: Players Get Lucky with Irish Gifts

Fri, Mar 5, 2010

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Last night, we broke news of the latest holiday celebration to hit the fields of FarmVille. The St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold event (phew, what a mouthful) is an event that is, generally speaking, a copy and paste of the Valentine’s Day event, and now that we’ve had a few hours to get our greedy little clicking finger(s) on all of the goodies that await, we can share that information with you.

First and foremost, you’ll need a Pot of Gold, and lucky you, Zynga has left one for everyone in their gift box.

After placing it on your farm, you’ll notice that it is this holiday’s “mailbox,” allowing you to store all of your St. Patrick’s Day gold pieces inside, until you are ready to redeem them for limited edition St. Patrick’s Day or Spring decorations (three of the items cost 30 gold pieces or less, with one costing a very low ten pieces, so everyone, regardless of neighbor count, should be able to get something fun out of this).

To earn any of those decorations, you’ll have to first accumulate some gold pieces, which can be achieved with a little help from your friends. If you participated in the Valentine’s Day event, you’ll be incredibly familiar with how this works, as there are multiple ways to go about receiving and/or giving gold pieces, all at no cost to you.

The easiest way is also the traditional way – simply send a gold piece (in the form of a bar, nugget, solid gold bear, coin or chain) to your selected friends via the Free Gifts page.

Do you remember the reverse gift giving feature found when collecting valentines, that let us send out pleas for valentines to our friends in the hopes that they would be so kind as to send us one? That has made a return here, in a practically identical form. Now, when you look inside your Pot of Gold, you have the option to “Ask for Gold,” which will allow you to pick and choose the friends that you’d like to make a request to, in the same way you would send them a free gift under other circumstances. This will simply send them a “gift request” where the words “Accept Gift” have been replaced by “Send Gold.”

When (if) your friend decides to answer your plea, they are taken to a modified version of the Free Gifts page, where they can choose which of the five gold items they’d like to send your way by picking their favorite bonus for themselves. The bonuses are the same, for the most part, as they were in the Valentine’s Day event (free experience points, gold, fuel, etc.) but the pink cow option has been replaced by a bit of green fencing.

As you begin to accumulate gold pieces, your Pot of Gold will change in appearance, becoming more filled with gold, and, likewise, the tally inside will rise ever closer to the top ranking of 100+ gold pieces (going through ranks like “Empty” and “Brimming,” among others). You’ll notice that this is less than the top tier of 150 valentines that was available to us during the last holiday event, but this seems to be purely a design choice, rather than something that will affect the event’s progression.

After you’ve run out of gift requests for the day (trust me, you will), you’re still able to accumulate even more gold pieces by keeping an eye on your news feed, as two types of postings will alert you to free giveaways of said gold. The first is a notification that celebrates the fact that your friend has reached a new milestone in terms of total gold. As you can see from the image below, there’s a link for users to “Get some Gold” for themselves, until the amount of freebies as been depleted.

Additionally, when a user passes one of their neighbors in total number of gold pieces accumulated (you can track your progress from inside the Pot of Gold, to see which of your friends has the most, and where you fall in the rankings), they can post a similar news item to their feed, allowing you to pick up a piece of gold in celebration of their (probably fleeting) triumph.

Now that you know all you need to know about this event, what are you waiting for? Take your new-found knowledge over to your farm and start collecting those gold pieces today! Good luck, and remember, watch out for leprechauns!

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  • Kate Hancock

    I'm feeling lucky! Word on the web is that some of the limited edition prizes are (spoiler alert) a Shamrock Sheep, Flower Cart and Leprechaun Gnome. Can't wait to find out what else you can buy with the gold bullion!

  • Sergio… You can click up to ten times and get the regard (coins, experince, the green fence…)

  • Anonymous

    I cant seem to send gold 2 my main acount from my alternate account… Any ideas why?

  • brigitteturkmani

    Gold Barren

  • brigitteturkmani

    Gold Bar

  • pompe

    or anybody knows what's the other 3 gifts?…or when we will know them?

  • AllisonMentz

    at 50 you get and spring pond
    at 75 a lucky fountain
    at 100 a shamerock castle

  • farmville tips

    Good indeed. I don't want to miss this opportunity. Thanks for such information.

  • jan

    I know St. Patricks Day is long gone but I need one more piece of gold. Can I still get it?????

  • Kate Hancock

    Highly doubtful – if it is still possible, your best bet would be to click
    on the Pot of Gold and then “Ask Friends for Gold” to send a request to your
    FarmVille friends. However, since Easter Baskets are currently underway (and
    probably almost over, for that matter), I wouldn't get your hopes up. Good
    luck and thanks for reading!

  • Bullion Eagle

    Thanks for information, I'll always keep updated here!

  • Tanya Synger

    I didnt really play farmville reguarly until recently si didnt get the pot of gold except on my friends account in the comparison tab it says i have 56 pieces of gold. is there any chance i can claim it?

  • Brandy Shaul

    Well, I have to say, that's one of the more interesting glitches I've heard of in the game. Unfortunately though, since the Pot of Gold is no longer available via the game's store (and I'm assuming you didn't join in time to receive the free one in your gift box), there'd be no way for you to get your hands on one at this point. And since redeeming your gold pieces could only take place via the Pot of Gold, unfortunately, those pieces (even if they were glitched to your name) are unavailable to you as well. Sorry!