Here’s the Stori of a Lovely Platform

Wed, May 2, 2012

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Years from now, when your mobile app has sold its billionth copy, your friends will say, “Oh, man. That’s awesome, but how did you ever get started? Where did you come up with the money?” And you’ll be all, “It was AppStori.” And then they’ll say, “App Store-y? Like, it was similar to the App Store?” And you’ll go, “No, no, AppStori!” And they’ll respond “I know, I’m asking for your app’s story!” And everyone will be confused, and nobody will know who’s playing first base.

Thankfully, AppStori is here to explain things: They are a crowd-sourced funding platform for apps. That seems simple enough!

From the press release:

All teams that list projects on AppStori set an initial funding goal to be met before a fixed date. Money only changes hands if the goal is met or exceeded. Consumers who choose to make a financial contribution to mobile app projects are entitled to receive customized “benefits” from project teams as a “thank you.” Different tiers of benefits are made available depending on the amount of a contribution, and can range from in-app awards to branded merchandise, to other app specific goods and services.

You should really start using it! You don’t want to be kicking yourself later.

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