Here’s an Easy Way to Earn 3 Free Cafe Cash

Thu, Apr 22, 2010

Cafe World, Social

Zynga has released another cross-promotion in Cafe World to give all participating users 3 free Cafe Cash. To participate in the event, click on the “Earn Cafe Cash” button the runs along the top portion of the gameplay screen (next to the Help button).

Scroll down the page and you’ll see the following, inviting you to follow a girl named Rosa’s journey with her Kin to discover which of her Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace “friends” are really friends, and not acquaintances or even unknowns. Whether or not you pay attention to the video is irrelevant, as we’re here for the cash.

Eventually, a set of survey questions will pop up along the right side of the new window that appears, and you’ll be able to answer in any way you like.

After the 5th question, you’ll be able to submit all of your answers and will be asked to become a fan of the Kin mobile phone page on Facebook (or, in the case of the updated Facebook – “Like” the Kin) in order to receive your free cash.

There you have it – your total is now 3 Cafe Cash richer, and you can remove all activity related to Kin from your profile in order to keep it, if you so choose. Happy cooking!

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