Here’s a Look at the Fairy Meadows Decorations in PetVille

Wed, Jul 7, 2010

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Now that you’ve unlocked the Magic Door to Fairy Meadows in PetVille, you’ll need some items with which to decorate your new room. Lucky for you, the game’s Garden Store has been updated to include a new section, entitled “Fairyland,” which will see you outfitting both your new land and your pet in a series of cute flowers, lightning bugs, and forest creatures, among others.

The majority of the items are flower or vine inspired items, like jumbo Sun Beam Flowers (think Sunflowers) or Philodendron (rhododendron). There are also a few creatures to purchase, like a set of dinosaur/forest animals hybrids consisting of a Bunnysaurus Lex and a Petal Plumed Florasaur.

In addition to decorating your new Fairy Meadows land, you’ll also be able to outfit your pet to match, with new clothing (mostly for girl pets) that will see your pet dressed as fairies, lady bugs, or even a bat.

The items here are a combination of premium and standard items, meaning that there should be something here for everyone, regardless of budget. Head over to the game’s page to start shopping for these new items, or to continue working on unlocking Fairy Meadows for yourself.

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