Help Your Friends For Fun and Profit in Chocolatier: Sweet Society

Sat, Jun 19, 2010

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This week has brought an influx of new features, fixes, and subsequent bugs to Chocolatier: Sweet Society. We told you about the free sample feature earlier this week. There have been two more additions, both centering around helping your Chocolatier neighbors out.

When you visit a neighbor’s shoppe you may receive a pop-up telling you about some bit of trouble that your friend’s store is in and how you can help. If you choose to help you will be rewarded with bonus experience points and coins. This doesn’t happen on every visit, but it’s worth visiting all your neighbors for a few bonuses.

Chocolates sell out fast, and sometimes your friends will have empty cases. Now you can send them notifications by clicking on an empty case. If you choose to send a reminder, you will get 15 free Basic Chocolate Bars for being such a great neighbor. Having an empty case is now a good way to accumulate some extra inventory. Start playing Chocolatier here.

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