Help Your Family in FrontierVille’s “Aunt List” Quests

Thu, Sep 30, 2010

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A new series of quests has appeared in FrontierVille for some users. We’re assuming that these missions will pop for all users over time, as Zynga likes to roll new features out over time, rather than all at once to maintain stability within such a large player user-base (if we find that the missions are actually level-restricted, we’ll be sure to let you know what level you need to be instead!).

That being said, the mission set starts when you receive a letter from your dear widowed aunt whom you left back in the “Old Country.” She is having trouble feeding herself and your three cousins, due to a potato famine. All of the potatoes have “come down with purple pustules and are dead like mackerels!” If you don’t help them, and fast, they’ll be eating their shoes this winter, and no one wants that! To help fix the situation, we’ve been given a list of supplies that your aunt needs to help her and the cousins survive, which comes in the form of five new quests.

Part one of the Aunt List quest has you tending to the potato problem head on, by planting 60 potatoes and tending to 20 neighbor potatoes.

For completing this part of the mission, you’ll earn 50 food as a reward, and can post a news item to your wall sharing more food with friends.

Part II of the Aunt List quest is a very special one, in that it requires you to harvest 60 potatoes and tend to another 20 neighbor potato plots. I call it special because you can actually seriously hamper your progress by harvesting the 60 potatoes you planted in Part I early. I know it might be tempting to harvest the potatoes as soon as possible, since they are only a four hour crop, but we’d suggest waiting until you’ve completed the entirety of Part I and have activated Part II before harvesting, and that way you won’t have to plant another set of 60 potatoes just to harvest them again. If your potatoes wither, simply activate an Unwither item, or, apply an unwither protection boost, and you won’t have to worry about them dying at all (items come from turning in collections).

When you finish this part of the quest, you’ll be able to share a reward of 40 experience points with your friends.

Part III of the quest is a rather simple one, and deals with making butter for all of those potatoes. You’ll need to buy 10 Cows from the market and tend to 10 Neighbors Cows.

Part IV of the quest has you replacing your Aunt’s butter churn, that the family burnt and used for warmth last winter. You’ll need to buy one Butter Churn from the market, and get one Ribeye, as one of your cousins likes steak in her potatoes. Ribeyes are part of the Ox collection, and can be found either by tending your own Oxen, or by tending those of your neighbors.

Finally, Part V of the Aunt List quest has you shipping all of these supplies over to your aunt and cousins. You’ll need to create some crates in which to ship your items, with the quest itself requiring you to Craft 20 Planks (in the covered wagon) and Getting 10 Nails. Remember, Nails can be received as a gift from friends. You will also need to earn 10 Shipping Labels by asking for them from friends.

We’ll be sure to update this space with more images and information about the five steps of this quest as we complete it. For now, head over to FrontierVille on Facebook to see if you have access to the Aunt List quest set!

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