Help the Twiggles Find Their Way Home on the iPhone

Thu, May 13, 2010

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The Twiggles is an iPhone game from Visual Generation that plays not entirely unlike the Lemmings, for those familiar with that franchise of strategy/puzzle titles.

The term Twiggle refers to the game’s characters, which are fluffy little blue balls with eyes, that wear silly hats and look very much like Chuzzles (another puzzle gaming reference, for those who have played the game). As reported by The Portable Gamer, each level of the Twiggles sees you manipulating the environment, clearing obstacles, opening up paths, and making use of a number of tools (including trampolines, bombs and stairs).

Where other games in this same vein concentrate on keeping all of your little creatures alive, here in The Twiggles, the focus is on completing a level as quickly as possible, with so much focus being placed on the time taken to complete a level that you may be given more than the required amount of Twiggles in each level (that is, more than the required amount that need to be alive at the end of it), so that you can hurriedly complete the level, whilst Twiggles die in your haste.

You’ll earn medals for completing a level in under a specific amount of time, and can even manipulate time (rewind and pause) in order to more accurately complete each level. The Twiggles offers 35 achievements and online leaderboards thanks to OpenFeint integration, and is available on iTunes for $1.99.
The Twiggles

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