Help Support by Purchasing Haiti Water Wrasse in FishVille

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

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Over on the FishVille fan page, Zynga has announced the release of a new fish within the game, that comes with more than just a fancy set of stats.

In celebration of World Water Week, Zynga has partnered with to provide 50% of all proceeds earned from the sale of the new Haiti Water Wrasse fish to the company’s efforts to bring sanitary drinking water to the Haiti’s citizens.

When you load the game, you’ll be met with the pop-up seen below, detailing the fish’s stats: it will grow to maturity in 15 days, and can be sold for 15,000 coins. If you purchase one for 10 Sand Dollars, you’ll receive a 1,500 experience points at the time of your purchase.

If you decline to purchase the fish from that informative pop-up (don’t worry, you can buy one from the store later), you’ll still be able to help spread the word about the promotion, by posting a pop-up to your wall for your friends to read, in the hopes that they’ll decide to spend a few of their Sand Dollars on helping out the cause.

Head over to the game’s page to learn more about’s mission, or to purchase one of these fish for yourself (be sure to do it fast, as you’ve got less than four days to make a purchase).

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