Hello Kitty Online Holds In-Game Food Collection Event for Haiti Relief

Do you think, just because she is impossibly adorable, that Hello Kitty does not care about disaster victims? She, too, is encouraging gamers to come together and support Haiti relief efforts, via her game, Hello Kitty Online. Starting on Thursday, January 21st, players of HKO will have a chance to participate in the Food for Friends 2 event, earning plenty of Loyalty Points for their guilds, and generating valuable donations to Doctors Without Borders.

Sponsored by game developers Sanrio Digital, and regional publishers Aeria Games, Burda:ic GmbH, and Oriented Games, the Food for Friends 2 event will require in-game guilds to gather and give away virtual food in exchange for real-world relief. According to a press release, players can speak to an in-game character to discover which consumable crafted items are eligible for “donation points.” At the end of the competition, January 30th, all accumulated donation points “will be used to calculate a real-world donation to Doctors Without Borders.” In addition, the top three guilds who have donated the most food will receive copious in-game rewards.

It’s about time the cats of the world became socially conscious, honestly. You can play Hello Kitty Online for free, right here.

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