Hellish Myths and Mythical Hells Happening in June

Fri, Jun 1, 2012

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There’s a double-fisted bundle of announcements from TriplePoint client Redbana this morning, featuring a swath of events and promotions that are coming to the company’s MMOs this month. Both Mythos Global and Hellgate Global are globalizing it up in June, with Hellgate actually celebrating its one-year anniversary right now. An entire year of hell on earth… where does the time go?

Hellgate Global players get to be tormented by the following events:

  • Conclave Within Hell – The minions of Hell invade the humans’ abode every day. Tireless and courageous crusaders who brave the demon-infested world ofHellgate daily will be greatly rewarded for their actions. Consecutive logs on specific days bring the promise of even better prizes!
  • Level Rush – One of the most popular community events returns this month to satisfy the competitive nature of skilled level climbers. Those who manage to surpass the competition will be granted special rewards for their efforts.
  • Anniversary Coins – With the forces of Hell growing by the day, humans have been protected by the ever-courageous players of Hellgate Global.  To celebrate this one year anniversary of demon hunting, special coins will dropped by the forces of darkness which can be exchanged for big prizes.
  • Hellgate Anniversary Sale – For the discerning shoppers, items in the Cash Shop will be put on sale for the whole month and players who purchase these sale items will get additional items for free! This is a rare opportunity for players to take advantage of.

Mythos Global players, meanwhile, will hear fantastic tales of these occurrences:

  • Crystal Defense – Crystal Defense is one of the new features in Mythos Global, in which players have to defend the Aura Crystal from a horde of monsters. Complete the challenge and be one of the top 5 for the week to win a Skill Reset Scroll, Stamina Potion, Exp Boost Potion, and a random “cool” reward!
  • “Strike a Pose” – Relax for a while from the perilous dungeons and take a screenshot of your character doing an interesting, attractive or funny pose. The top 3 entries chosen by the GMs will win a Stamina Potion, Relic item, Magical Rune Crest, and a random reward.
  • Visit Planet Uld – New players will receive a hearty welcome to Planet Uld. For the whole month of June, any new account created will receive a +2 upgrade to any tradable item of their choice! The item will also be given maximum sockets.

So, in June, you can expect everything to be extremely unpleasant but also mostly unbelievable. The mythos of a hellgate. Got it!

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