Head to the Big City With Pet Society’s Metropolis Theme

Mon, May 10, 2010

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The Cinco de Mayo theme has been pushed aside in Pet Society, with Playfish releasing a new theme this week that is a bit more sophisticated and refined. The Metropolis theme sees items released in many of the game’s stores that serve as a nod to big city living, and all that that entails.

Starting in the game’s Garden Shop, we see the release of two items: a Bucket of Roses, and a Blue Flowerbed (named such as it sits low to the ground, like those you see running alongside city sidewalks, for instance). For those who’d like to treat their green thumb to these items, be prepared to pay 600 or 750 coins, respectively. And before you leave the Garden Shop, make sure to click on the Furniture tab to see a slew of street signs, a subway entrance, and even stop lights available for use in decorating your outdoor spaces in the game.

Over in the Furniture Store, under the Living Room section, you’ll find two different color schemes, gold and pink, each offering a Contemporary Set of Picture Frames and a Bar. That same idea carries over to the Bedroom section, with two different colors of beds and rugs. Gold remains, but this time we see white and gray replacing the pink option from the living room.

In the Market, under the Cool Stuff heading, you’ll find new cars that your pets can pose in, including a Cream Sports Car, a Pink Retro Car, and a Red Sports Car. They’ll set you back 7,500, 5,000, and 9,000 coins, respectively, so be sure to start saving up if you’d like to purchase any of them.

Moving onto the Clothing Shop, both girl and boy pets have a rather generic set of new clothing items to choose from, with casual yet modern dresses and shirts, as well as blue jeans and even a “Ken’s Wig” for boys.

Finally, in the game’s D.I.Y. Shop, you’ll find an assortment of wallpapers, both plain and with the texture of bricks, and duplicates of the carpets seen in the Furniture Store that are now available to purchase for anywhere from 200 coins to 700 coins.

To see the full selection of items for yourself, head over to the game’s page on Facebook and start shopping!

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