Head to A Coffee Bar in Restaurant City With New Items and Food

Thu, Sep 16, 2010

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This week’s theme in Restaurant City takes us to a Metropolitan Coffee Bar, where your guests will be able to eat various pastries and of course drink coffee. However, before they can do that, you’ll need to first transform your restaurant into the Coffee Bar proper, which is where the wide variety of new decorative items comes in. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

The theme starts with two sets of tables and chairs. Red and Silver Bistro Chairs accompany Black and Silver Bistro Tables, which would look lovely either inside or outside your restaurant (in the lawn areas that you can purchase as expansions). Next, there are quite a few wall decorations, including hanging pots and pans, a wall menu chalkboard, a hanging flower trellis, a large Bistro Clock, and even an Impressionist Painting. Other decorative items come in the form of items like large vases, small lamps, and four different colors of “Bistro Columns,” that function as dividers in your restaurant: Green, Brown, Pink, and Red. Finally, one extremely extravagant decoration can be purchased by users level 85 and above, that being the Eiffel Tower. Once you reach that level, you’ll need 1 million coins to purchase the large structure, but you’ll receive a +2 bonus to your restaurant’s maximum popularity if you decide to make the splurge.

In terms of flooring and wallpaper options, you have a whopping 10 floor tiles to choose from, that, when combined, will help you build your very own cobblestone walkway in your restaurant, complete with a paved street along the outside. The variety of coin-only items concludes with five kinds of accompanying wallpaper, with one specifically “Cafe” wallpaper, and the other four being various color combinations on a basic wallpaper, containing a solid color at the top and wainscoting at the bottom.

For the theme’s premium items, you can pick up a Post Impressionist Painting for 12 Playfish Cash that adds one extra second to a customer’s waiting time (this effect doesn’t stack with multiple units). Other premium items include a Red Deco Vase for 4 Playfish Cash, a Large Suave Lamp and Bicycle each costing 5 Playfish Cash, and finally, a Bistro Waiter figure that costs 6 Playfish Cash.

As the theme doesn’t contain any sort of stove or otherwise functional object, it seems that Playfish wanted to make up for that by offering more free gifts than usual, as there are three new objects available to send to friends via the game’s free gifts menu. The items are all decorative, and come in the form of a Magazine Rack, Bistro Condiments table, and Bistro Flowers glass vase.

There are also quite a few new recipes in this theme – four to be exact – two desserts, and two drinks. First things first, this theme has introduced two new ingredients into the game: Almonds and Hazelnuts. The most important recipe in this theme utilizes the latter, and comes in the form of a Hazelnut Latte. It can be learned by combining one Coffee Beans, one Milk, and one Hazelnut, and if you can master the recipe to level 10, you’ll unlock the exclusive Coffee Bar item, which functions much like the Sushi Bar, in that it will hold your coffee bar recipes and allow your guests to purchase items from it without sitting down at a table.

The other drink recipe is the Almond Cappuccino, which is learned by combining Coffee Beans, Milk, and an Almond.

For the Dessert recipes, the first is the Rocky Road Cake, learned with four different ingredients: Chocolate, Sugar, Almond and Hazelnut.

Finally, the Almond Croissant is learned by combining Butter, Flour, and an Almond.

None of these recipes are limited edition, so feel free to work at your own pace in collecting the new ingredients necessary to learn or even master these four new dishes. Head over to the game’s page to get started.

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