He Say You CodeRunner!

Tue, Feb 28, 2012

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How is a CodeRunner like a Blade Runner? Well… they both run, I guess? In CodeRunner, though, you won’t be running around a bleak, over-industrialized, dystopian future. You’ll be running around your own bleak, over-commercialized, dystopian hometown. And instead of tracking down scary replicants, you’ll be tracking down a conspiracy told through the secret emails, text messages, and phone calls of sinister government agents using your iPhone. But at least both stories are narrated! So, yeah, they’re clearly very similar. Or not. You’d have to ask TriplePoint client RocketChicken; just don’t ask them to tell you about their mother. That never ends well.

Read on for yourself:

In CodeRunner, players participate in the ultimate alternate reality game (ARG) experience. Using their iPhones, gamers accept mission briefings from their “handler,” who sends them to real-world locations to create dead drops and complete spy missions by “hacking” into ATMs, security cameras, wifi networks, and other electronic landmarks. On top of the single-player campaign, players create dead drops for other players, as well as find dead drops from other player-spies. CodeRunner has unparalleled production values, with real actors and AAA-quality voice acting throughout the game experience.

I will drop dead before I reveal my dead drops.

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