Harvest Colorful Oysters With FishVille’s Newest Feature

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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Over on the FishVille fan page, Zynga announced the launch of a new game feature in the form of Oyster Beds:

“OYSTER BEDS ARE HERE! Make sure to check your Gift Box for your new Oyster Bed! With Oyster Beds you will be able to store & harvest different types of oysters for coins & xp. Remember to harvest your Oyster Bed every day, because you may receive special rewards!”

Once you login to the game, you’ll receive a pop-up alerting you to the new feature and are prompted to access your gift box to add the bed to your aquarium. The oysters, along with the bed itself, are single items. That is, first you place the empty oyster bed to a spot of your choosing in your tank, and then you go back to your gift box to find one free oyster to place in it.

You first oyster fills one of 20 slots in the bed, which, at first blush, seems to work very similarly to FarmVille’s chicken coop. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for a day to harvest from your first oyster, and after you do, you’re likely to receive a pop-up like the one below, explaining that you didn’t receive any Mystery Oysters today, but that you can ask your friends to give you more oysters, which will increase your chances of finding a Mystery one. One can only assume this means that we’ll be finding rare oysters in the future, just as we find Mystery Eggs in FarmVille.

If you’d like to help friends to that end, you can send oysters to your neighbors either by following the in-game prompt, or by heading over to the game’s free gifts page.

Good luck finding Mystery Oysters!

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  • Hank

    What happens when u complete it???? SHould you sell the thing or does it do something?

  • http://www.facebook.com/blshaul Brandy Shaul

    A full bed simply provides you with more opportunities to earn experience points and coins. And, of course, the more oysters you have in the oyster bed, the better chance you have of finding a “mystery” oyster, with the entire setup being similar to FarmVille's chicken coop, if you're familiar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001384454248 Adam Gutierrez

    how do u add oysters onto the bed? it wont let me

  • http://woodworking-books.org woodworking ebooks

    The oysters, along with the bed itself, are single items.

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    Fun game.