Happy Pets Adds Alice in Wonderland Themed Items

Wed, Mar 10, 2010

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Better late than never, CrowdStar had jumped on the Alice in Wonderland item bandwagon by releasing six new items to Happy Pets.

As CrowdStar posted over on the game’s fan page, “magical things can happen to your pet when you use Growth Cake, Shrink Potion, or a Rabbit Hole.” There’s also a British Tea Set available to users level 15 or above, and a wallpaper based on a deck of cards that’s available for purchase, so long as you are above level 20.

Finally, a Cheshire Cat inspired kitten is available to adopt in a cute purple color scheme. It will cost you 36 Facebook Credits to adopt, and as a premium item, requires no minimum level.

To make browsing easy for users, the Wonderland items have been given their own page in the game’s store, so head over there and start shopping while the items are still available.

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