Happy Island Updates: New Attractions, Decorations, and Limited Edition Item Bundles

Fri, Jul 23, 2010

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CrowdStar has been busy updating Happy Island this week, with new attractions, new decorations, and even new limited edition item bundles. The item bundles can be found as soon as you login to the game, via a pop-up and icon on the right-hand side of the gameplay area, while the new attractions and decorations can be purchased from the game’s store.

New Limited Edition Bundles Offer Premium Items at a Discount

A second wave of limited edition bundles has been released in the game. This time around, your four options are as follows:

  • Italian Getaway – 20 Facebook Credits ($2 US) – formerly cost 65 Facebook Credits ($6)
  • Paradise Sports – 35 Facebook Credits ($3.50) – formerly 100 Facebook Credits ($10)
  • Far East Vacation – 25 Facebook Credits ($2.50) – formerly 75 Facebook Credits ($7.50)
  • “Build Your Own” (55,000 coins) – 10 Facebook Credits ($1) – formerly 85 Facebook Credits ($8.50)

Regardless of which bundle you choose, you’ll be receiving five different items for that low price – that’s not the price for each individual item – that’s the price for all five, in total. As you can see, the bundles here are actually a really great value, especially if you’ve wanted to decorate your resort in one of the available themes but didn’t want to spend that many Facebook Credits on said items.

Do you plan on buying any of these bundles, or are you waiting for CrowdStar to release a bundle in another theme?

New Attractions: Boys’ Lost Fort, Princess Teepee & More

There are three new attractions available in the game’s store – two of which are limited edition.

The limited edition attractions are the Boys’ Lost Fort and the Villa Arcaia. The fort costs 45 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $4.50 US, while the Villa is cheaper, at 35 Facebook Credits. Meanwhile, the permanent attraction is the Princess Teepee, available to users who are at least level 30. If that’s you, you can pick up the teepee for a whopping 500,000 coins.

As for a return on your investment, the Fort collects 1800 coins, while the Villa and Princess Teepee collect 1650 and 3250 coins, respectively. The Villa Arcaia is extremely limited, as of this writing, so be sure to head into the game first thing if you think you want to add it to your island.

New Decorations: Blue Oak Tree, Nile River, & More

There are three new decorations available to purchase from the game’s store. The first is a Blue Oak Tree, and it happens to be the only one of the three that’s not a premium item. That being said, it goes for 3,000 coins.

Meanwhile, the other two items, the Nile River and the Alligator, go for 8 and 19 Facebook Credits each, respectively.

None of these decorative items are limited, so take your time in heading over to the game’s page on Facebook to purchase them.

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