Happy Island Tips, Tricks, Strategies & Cheats for Tropical Tourism Success

Hey Happy Island fans, how would you like some tips, tricks and strategies for making your tourist attraction the most amazing in town?

If you want to keep visitors on your island, make them happy and level up quickly, here is some info (provided by Gamezebo) that you should know about CrowdStar’s Happy Island on Facebook.

Top tips and tricks for Happy Island:

  • Keep your Island clean. If your Island is dirty tourists will not spend money on the attractions.
  • Each time you click on trash at your own island you will earn 10 coins and 10 XP and each time you click on a Neighbor’s trash you will earn 3 coins and 3 XP. NOTE – You will find a maximum of 3 pieces of trash on your Neighbor’s Island at a time. This will renew every 30 minutes and there will be 3 more to click on. If you have the time and a large Neighbor base you can make quite a few coins this way.
  • There is a treasure chest on your Island and each of your Neighbors Islands approximately every 8 hours. Click on the chest to earn 100 Coins and 100 XP.
  • Rely heavily on your Neighbors to send you gifts for your Island. If you use these to decorate it you can focus your coins on purchasing attractions and upgrades.
  • The best strategy is to buy an attraction and then purchase the additional 2 upgrades and then purchase another attraction and then purchase its upgrades. If you follow this pattern you will earn a lot more money than having several low income attractions.
  • If you sell a decoration you will receive half the value of what it was purchased for and the same level of XP as coins. For example if you sell an item for 50 coins you will also receive 50 XP. If you are very close to leveling up it is wise to purchase decorations and sell them back to get you to the next level. Since you can only build on particular levels this can be very helpful to get you there.
  • If you can’t check your game frequently there is no penalty but checking it frequently will result in more coins overall as when you click on the money bags the immediately start to fill again. If they are full they just stay full until you click on them. Checking in at least every 4 to 6 hours to empty the bags will increase your overall income.
  • Visit your Neighbors several times a day. Every half hour you can pick up trash from your and your Neighbor’s Islands. This is a great way to increase your funds and XP points.
  • Keep Tourists on the Island by clicking on them when you see them heading for the boat or Airport and when the menu opens click on “Buy them a drink” this will cause them to walk in the opposite direction.
  • Party Time! – Starting at level 5 and every other level after you will be eligible to throw a party on your Island. You can send invitations to your neighbors to visit your party. Fireworks, confetti and balloons will appear over your Island for 2 hours making your tourists happier.
  • TIP – Placing your Airport on the top of the mountain (as seen in image above) makes it easier to see when tourists are trying to leave. As you see them climb the mountain, click on them and buy them a drink. This will cause them to turn around and visit more attractions instead of boarding the plane to leave. Keep the area around your Ship’s dock clear as well so you can see the Tourists trying to leave.

How to earn more money, collect currency and XP in Happy Island:

  • Gold Coins – Gold coins are the main currency of the game. You can earn 10 Gold Coins for each pile of trash you clean on your Island (up to a maximum of 10 or 100 Coins) daily.
  • Facebook Credits -This is virtual currency purchased through Facebook that allows you to purchase exclusive decorations and attractions for the game. It also allows you to instantly upgrade an attraction versus waiting for it after purchasing with gold coins. NOTE – Facebook Credits can be used with multiple applications not just Happy Island. (See purchasing additional currency below)
  • XP (Experience Points) – You must earn XP points to level up in the game. (See levels above) You will earn 1 XP for every coin you earn at your attractions and you will earn 1 XP for every coin you earn picking up trash at your and your Neighbor’s Islands and 100 coins and XP for clicking on a Treasure Chest every 8 or so hours.
  • Purchasing Attractions and upgrading them. (Click on the money bags when they are full as shown in image above)
  • Clicking on the Treasure chest in your or your Neighbor’s Island every 8 or so hours.
  • Cleaning trash from your and your Neighbor’s Island every half hour or so. (3 coins and 3 XP per piles of trash for Neighbors, 10 coins and 10 XP per piles of trash for you. Trash renews every half hour or so.)
  • Sell decorative items that have been gifted to your or that you have purchased. (You will get 1/2 of your purchase price when you sell items.)

For more information, please check the full Happy Island walkthrough on Gamezebo. It includes everything from general game info, level and attraction lists, to tips on getting gifts and keeping your island clean.

Have fun out there – don’t forget the sunscreen!

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