Happy Aquarium Releases an Underwater Version of Outer Space

Tue, Feb 23, 2010

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Happy Aquarium has gone to outer space! If you click on Harold’s tank from your own underwater space, you’ll be taken to the Demo Tank which has been outfitted with a slew of space themed items, including waving aliens and UFOs.

As usual, if you click on the items within the Demo Tank (named as such because it allows you to preview how items would look when placed in your own tank), you can purchase them. Or, traditionalists can go the old fashioned way, and purchase them from the store option in their own fish tank.

A new waving alien item will set you back 10 Facebook credits of 12 Pearls, and is a fairly straightforward prop. The Angler fish and UFO, however, are anything but.

The Angler fish starts as a cute, gray little fella, but after growing to adulthood in 72 hours, you’ll be left with a ferocious beast of an animal, complete with sharp teeth and an overall evil appearance. Buying one will set you back 51 Facebook Credits.

The UFO is another non-coin item, priced at a whopping 70 Facebook Credits or 84 Pearls. However, the UFO is fully animated, as it hovers through your fish tank, picking up fish with its tractor beam and subsequently releasing them.

To pick up these items for yourself, head over to the game’s page and start shopping.

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