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Sat, Sep 25, 2010

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After launching the app in Canada earlier this week, ngmoco then quickly (and quietly) turned around and launched the game to the American iTunes app store just days ago. We’ve had a chance to go hands-on with their newest take on the “We Rule” ideology, this one set in a modern-day city, rather than a fantasy or medieval universe.

To put it simply, We City plays as a mix between ngmoco’s two other titles, the aforementioned We Rule, and We Farm. Like We Rule, We City asks you to build homes for your citizens, and build businesses for them to peruse, while you can also build factories that earn money off of contracts, similarly to the animal cages in We Farm.

As it stands, We City allows you to earn money so far through factories and schools. Factories offer a multitude of different contracts, each of which lasts a specific amount of time (ranging from a few seconds to a few hours or more), and each costs a different amount of in-game coins to set into motion, and subsequently rewards more coins and experience points when they are complete.

Schools allow you to put your townsfolk to work studying a particular subject. So far there are just three available: Business, Art, and Law. Just like factory contracts, these subjects are learned over different amounts of time, and cost varying amounts of coins to undertake.

Like We Farm, you’re able to help the productivity of those in your school-buildings by adding additional “research” to the project. If you’re familiar with We Farm, this is the same as the “love” or “happiness” level associated with animals. You can either check back periodically to add more “research” to the project, or you can use the game’s premium currency – Zap – to instantly upgrade the research to its maximum level.

Likewise, Zap can also be used to rush contracts at factories, or to purchase new buildings from the game’s store. Additional buildings come in the form of traditional businesses that you would find in any established town, like convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Your friends can come to your town and order products from these businesses. You’ll have to accept the order and then wait for the order to be collected before once again manually initiating the delivery to your friend. If you complete this cycle, bonus coins and experience points will be rewarded.

Overall, if you’re familiar with We Rule or We Farm, you’ll be able to jump into We City incredibly easily. If you’d like to try the game out for yourself, head over to iTunes to download it for free.

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