Grab Grabbity and then Turn It in Every Direction

Wed, Aug 22, 2012

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The title Grabbity, which belongs to a lovely new iOS game from TriplePoint client Televisa Home Entertainment, has a couple of different meanings. At its simplest, it’s clearly a pun between “gravity” and the rabbit-like character you control in the puzzle-platforming world. Here at Frisky Mongoose, we can always get behind a good pun, so Grabbity is instantly on our good side. Still, we like to think it’s also a reference to all of the grabbing being done in the game, what with Grabbity needing to collect a series of ubiquitous platforming goodies — plus the fact that you play it by grabbing and rotating your mobile device in order to redirect gravity itself. So, it’s a name that works pretty well.

Take a look for yourself!

Grab Grabbity on Grabtember 6th.

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