Got Milk? PetVille FarmVille Gift Day 7 is a Mini-Cow

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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The 7th mini-farm gift is now available (for one day only) in PetVille! Today’s FarmVille-themed collectible is the Mini-Cow.

Moo-tivate your PetVille neighbors to  send you a Mini-Cow today, before this limited-edition gift moves on to greener pastures. Give your friends an utterly adorable Mini-Cow from the PetVille free gifts section now, and remind them to send one back.

Today is day 7 of 10 total in PetVille’s FarmVille gift cross-promotion. Only 3 days left to complete your mini-farm collection!

Here’s a quick recap of the exclusive items featured so far: FarmVille Farmer (Wednesday 2/24), FarmVille Farm Gal (Thursday 2/25), Mini-Barn (Friday 2/26), Mini-Horsey (Saturday 2/27), Mini-Apple Tree (Sunday 2/28), Mini-Tractor (Monday 3/1) and today’s gift, the Mini-Cow (Tuesday 3/2).

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