Got An Extra $20,000 Laying Around? Splurge on a Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 4!

Tue, Jul 6, 2010


Stuart Hughes is selling 50 diamond-encrusted iPhone 4‘s to be sold at $20,000 each. At that price, you could put down a down payment on a house or buy a pretty nice car, but an iPhone 4 sounds much more reasonable (right?).

The one nice thing is that they are unlocked, as to work on any worldwide GSM carrier. They also come encrusted with 6.5 carats from F-color diamonds and a case made of ostrich feet. The back has a solid platinum version of the Apple logo.

Is there really someone out there crazy enough to buy this? Even if you did and could afford it, would you take it out in public? I think i’d be too scared some perp would snatch it up at first sight. Still, it’s certainly an interesting thing to blow $20k on.

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