Google Opens Social Search to the Public

Mashable is reporting that over the next few days, Google plans to bring Social Search into the light, making the once opt-in-only feature a staple for all English speaking searchers.

Google’s Social Search adds a few new elements to both text and image based search results by integrating “socially relevant content” from people in your social circle (that is, those that you’ve connected to via your Google profile). This means that when you search for something, anything that your friends have posted, matching that topic, on blogs or other social networking sites will be highlighted on the search results page.

In terms of image searches, you’ll now be able to see pictures that your contacts have shared online in addition to the standard image results from across the web, so long as they match your current query. For example, a search for a sunset will not only bring up thousands of pictures from around the world, but also a picture from your friend’s cruise last winter, and so on.

If this sounds at all confusing, don’t fret, as Google has released a short demonstration video that should help clear things up:

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