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Wed, Sep 8, 2010

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Whether it’s the launch of a new service, or simply the launch of a new feature or initiative, we’ve got you covered in the web gaming space. Today, we discuss the launch of Google’s Instant Search and the initiative from Mozilla for developers to focus on making games for the browser.

Google Instant Search Goes Live

Earlier this week, we were told that Google had some sort of announcement coming soon, but details were vague as to what this announcement could possibly be. Today, we have learned that this big announcement is for Google Instant Search going live for everyone. Google went through a logo change a few days ago, and today announced Instant Search as going public.

How does Google Instant Search work? Simple, you just type in your search query on and it will begin serving you results instantly. Not only does this mean you’ll get your results even faster than before, you’ll now be able to modify your search terms to receive better results than before. For instance, you may now simply type ‘w’ to get your local weather brought to you instantly.

Google is calling Instant Search “the next evolution of search” and is available right now on

Mozilla Launches Browser Games Initiative

Most of you likely know Mozilla as the makers of the popular web browser Firefox. Now they are taking a step into the gaming world with an HTML5 browser games initiative.

In an announcement earlier today, Mozilla Labs launched Mozilla Labs Gaming, their new division that is “committed to providing the game developer community with the platform and tools they need to make innovative games on the Open Web.” The focus is on garnering developer support for open web technologies such as HTML5, open audio and video standards, geolocation, multitouch and javascript engines.

To help get things in motion, Mozilla is launching GameOn 2010, a competition that gives developers’ incentive to build with these open web tools. We’ll keep you up to date on Mozilla’s new division as news becomes available.

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