Good Vs Evil – Pick Your Side With New Cafe World Items

Fri, May 28, 2010

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It’s that time of the week when we see a new item theme being released in Cafe World, and this week’s theme, Good vs. Evil packs a definite punch. This theme is appropriately named as one half of the items are angelic and golden, and the other half are black, dark and covered in skulls and other demonic images.

I hope you’ve been saving your coins and Cafe Cash, because this theme is absolutely massive, and contains more than enough items on each side of the fence to release a separate weekly theme for each. We’ve been given them in a double dose, however, so be prepared to spend a lot of virtual currency if you’re wanting to celebrate one side or the other.

The list of items available could go on for what feels like an eternity – Two types of tables, three kinds of chairs, three doors, eight different wall hanging art pieces or wall sconces, three types of flooring, three kinds of wallpaper, and a whopping 29 decorative items, ranging from Angelic Waitresses, Pianos and Opera Singers, to members of a metal band, a Hell’s Kitchen Menu, and even a menacing Tree of Shadows.

There are far more items available here for Cafe Cash than there are those available for coins, in fact, it’s just short of a 2 to 1 ratio. That being said, the coin items range in price from 800 coins for a single piece of White Marble flooring to 140,000 for a Singing Rocker decorative item. Meanwhile, the Cafe Cash items range in price from 1 Cafe Cash (for multiple items) to 18 Cafe Cash for the Worldly Weight Statue.

As always, if you’re not afraid of receiving a random selection of items from the theme, you can pick up a Mystery Crate for 10 Cafe Cash, which rewards you with 100 Cafe Points (the game’s experience points) upon your purchase. Likewise, there are new free gifts to go along with this theme as well, and they come in the form of items like the Habenaro Ice Cream, Spicy Devil Eggs, and Angel Food Cake.

To browse through the full selection of items at your leisure (be prepared – it might take you some time), head over to the game’s page on Facebook, or let us know in the comments which side you prefer. Would you choose the side of good and light, or the side of darkness and evil?

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