Going to North Pole? Check-in With FourSquare

Sat, Apr 10, 2010

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Two FourSquare users are taking their love of the service to a whole new level. They’re going to be checking into the North Pole.

Parker Liautaud, a fifteen year-old from California and 44 year-old David Newman are racing to be the first person to have the “Last Degree” Badge from FourSquare. The two are doing it to raise awareness of the different environmental issues facing the Arctic, and are using the location-based service as the vehicle.

Liautaud has used a number of different social networking vehicles to get the word out–Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. A cursory glance shows that, as of writing, Liautaud has run into complications on his trek.

“Due to insurmountable conditions, Parker has ended his skiing quest to reach the North Pole and will fly there by helicopter tomorrow,” his Twitter page reads.

It’s always amazing to see stories such as these come out. The scope, range and creativity in which people use all of these different services is incredible.

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