GOG.com Really Not Dead, Relaunching Out of Beta Tomorrow

Wed, Sep 22, 2010


On this past Sunday, GOG.com (better known as GoodOldGames) shut down their website with a message that they were shutting down the website for good “in its current form” and that they were looking forward to new challenges ahead. This message was all that remained of GOG as users could not access any games they had purchased, nor purchase new titles. As it seemed, GOG.com was shutting down for good, for real.

Amidst much rumor about acquisitions and publicity stunts, a press conference was arranged today in which two men dawned monk apparel and stated exactly what was going down with GOG. Yes, the whole shutting down of the site was no more than a publicity stunt. The only part that is being “shut down” persay, is the GOG “Beta”. This was a stunt for the launch of the full GOG.com.

The features that will be introduced in this new version of GOG include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to hold 6x more traffic, 10x more users. Most of the site’s code was rewritten in order to create a much faster experience.
  • Still no DRM (digital rights management) and no client to download.
  • Any new user can download some free games – simplified registration and login system
  • Welcome screen – mini-catalog separated into game categories – view recommendations for gaming genres – your favorite genres given priority
  • Left side news section has more articles – click on any of the blurbs to see full stories
  • GogMixes: List of titles with recommendations and short descriptions from other users, much like Amazon lists. GogMixes will be user ranked, and shown as so on the game pages.
  • Instant search bar – Much like the new Google. Type in the name of a game and receive instant search results.
  • Better compatibility – 150 games work onWindows 7 – other games will be tested and made compatible in the future.
  • New “Like” button that can post to Facebook
  • Community pages – flag a game and follow its activity on the site

This new launch will start tomorrow at 1PM GMT, which is close to 7AM PST. Baldur’s Gate will also be part of the new catalog, that will apparently only increase with many games like it. We’ll bring you more coverage on GOG.com as it arrives.

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