Glu Releases GPS and WiFi-Based Treasure Hunt, 1000: Find ‘em All

Thu, Feb 4, 2010

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Virtual geocachers, take note: Glu Mobile has released a new iPhone game today which makes use of both GPS and WiFi hotspots to populate your world with treasures. The game is entitled 1000: Find ‘em All, and the object is to do exactly that — collect a thousand diverse items using three different methods: in-game exploration, real-world exploration, and WiFi location, which serves as a mix of the two.

The core gameplay of 1000 is extremely simple, involving a lush and detailed game world to stroll about. As you explore more of the world, your presence will restore color to the gray environs, and you will stumble across several potential hiding places for treasure, including mailboxes, trees, houses, mineral deposits, and more. Not every spot will contain an item, but at midnight each night, the world will reset itself, with each day providing new chances to collect new stuff. For the gamer on the go, however, there is a GPS mode, which allows one to find treasure out in the real world. These treasures are randomly generated each time you enter GPS mode, and one can even choose to repopulate the area at will, should one wish to design a better hunting route.

Lastly, there is the WiFi mode, which uses both one’s physical location and the game world to provide new treasure. The feature, called “gifters,” uses your geographic location to search for local hotspots in the city around you — and for each one it finds, a new character is generated inside the game world. Signing in this morning, I met a trio of new folks from three local Starbucks franchises, each of whom had a gift of treasure for me.

1000: Find ‘em All may not have the competitive angle of Traveler’s Quest, nor will it ever require you to venture more than half a mile or so from your current location, but at least its treasures are renewable, making it ideal for the casual cacher.

1000: Find ‘em All is $2.99 on the App Store, here: 1000: Find 'Em All!

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