Give Your Cafe World Patrons a Literal Taste of Paradise

Fri, Mar 5, 2010

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While having an island-themed restaurant is one thing, your customers can’t really be expected to feel like they’ve traveled to the tropics without eating a dish that’s equally exotic. That’s where Cafe World’s two newest recipes come in.

The Loco Moco is a traditional Hawaiian dish that can be cooked in 20 hours at a cost of 800 coins. Its 1050 servings sell for 4 coins each, for a total of 4200 coins. Take away the cooking fee, and you’re left with a final profit of 3400 coins, which is fairly good for a 20 hour dish.

The second dish, the Chicken Adobo (which unlocks at level 28), is a Filipino dish that is available to serve in 14 hours, but, interestingly enough, costs more than its tropical counterpart, at a price of 2000 coins. It comes with 700 servings, which go for 7 coins each, for a total of 4900. After removing the cooking fee, you’re left with a profit of 2900 coins for 14 hours of work. In the long run, it’s a more worthwhile dish, simply because you can cook one right after the other faster than you can the Loco Moco, but that’s only worthwhile if you can afford the higher upfront cost.

Once you decide which dish is best for your needs, head over to your cafe and start cooking.

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