Gingerbread Dash! Released for Android

Tue, Feb 22, 2011

Android, Mobile, Puzzle

Ateam Inc. in Nagoya, Japan just released a new game called Gingerbread Dash!, a side-scrolling jump action game on Android.

Gameplay consists of helping the Gingerbread Man runaway from the Giant Fox without falling into the water or being caught by crows flying by. The Gingerbread Man is controlled by tilting the Android device in the desired direction, with greater tilt equaling greater movement speed.

In the game collect stars to make power items appear that will help the gingerbread Man’s flight from his dark fate. Some items are defensive and will keep you safe from doom… Other items help the Gingerbread Man run away more quickly, with the exclusive Cola Blast item available to players with a Jakomo game community account. Players can create their own FREE account in game in a few simple steps.

As the Gingerbread Man runs away from his fate, you must guide him away from dangers. The hungry fox will always be in pursuit, and if you progress to slowly through the game, the fox will catch up and devour our cute little hero. Also at times, annoying crows will get in the way and grab the Gingerbread Man if he gets too close. Jump on the crows to defeat them safely.

Score markers from your local score board and other players from around the world show up in-game as your Gingerbread Man is running away. These markers show you the score rank you and other players have achieved. Keep playing until you have obtained one of the top scores in the world!

The game is complete with a Global leaderboard, and a scoreboard shared among Facebook friends. You can also Tweet your scores!

There are both full (paid) and lite (free) versions of the title available now on the Android Marketplace. Give the game a try and see what you think!

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