Get Your Hands on a Tuscan Cow in FarmVille

Mon, May 24, 2010

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In a rare event in FarmVille, Zynga is allowing farmers the option of adding a new Tuscan Cow to their farms in one of two ways. You can go the traditional route and purchase the cow (which is part of the new Tuscany theme of limited edition items) for 16 Farm Cash, and either keep that cow on your own farm or send it as a gift, or you can choose to purchase it with cows, but in this lies the catch.

In order to purchase the cow for coins, you may or may not need to add an additional quantity of neighbors to your FarmVille account. In my case, as we can see below, I would need to raise my neighbor count to 61 before I would have access to purchase the cow, while in my mother’s store (as an example), she only has to get to 32 neighbors before unlocking the cow.

It’s likely that the required amount of neighbors is skewed based on your current amount of neighbors, as we’re also seeing reports of users that didn’t have to raise their neighbor count at all – the cow was simply available to purchase for 10,000 coins.

Whatever the case, you’ve got 18 days to figure out how you want to go about purchasing the Tuscan Cow, if you wish to purchase it at all. Will you spend Farm Cash? Or will you work to earn enough new neighbors to purchase the cow for coins?

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