Get to Know Your Cookbook in Cafe World

Wed, May 12, 2010

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Whoever says Facebook games aren’t educational may have to retract their statements, at least where Cafe World is concerned, as Zynga has introduced a new (regular?) feature on the game’s official fan page entitles “Get to Know Your Cookbook.”

For this installment (assuming this will be a regularly occurring feature), you’ll find a bit of background information about one of the game’s recipes, Lasagna, and will then be given a real world recipe so that you can cook the dish for yourself. Again, this is a real world recipe, straight from one of the members of the Cafe World team, complete with an ingredient list and cooking times – this isn’t an in-game item!

To see the full recipe (Lasagna is rather involved, so be prepared to take a lot of notes – or just print it straight off the page), head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

Have your own recipe to share? Whether it’s inspired by an item in the game or not, Zynga has set up a thread for just that purpose – recipe sharing. Head over there to add your own tasty meals for your fellow Cafe World players to try, or to find more new recipes for yourself.

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