Get Lost in the Social City Hedge Maze, or Play Some Games in the Arcade

Mon, May 24, 2010

Social, Social City

Social City developer Playdom has taken hold of the limited edition item concept and ran, making the feature in the city builder something that both we at Frisky Mongoose and players alike look forward to on a weekly basis (if not more frequently than that).

This newest installment of limited edition items sees two items being added to the game’s newspaper, which is viewable at any time by clicking on the game’s newspaper icon at the bottom of the flash window, or by simply allowing it to load when you first login to the game.

The first is a Hedge Maze, which can be purchased for 48 City Bucks. It’s a medium sized leisure “building,” requiring a 2×2 square of land to build on. Your city will receive a bonus of 22,000 Happiness Points once you purchase it.

Meanwhile, the Video Game Arcade is available for 39 City Bucks, and as a cheaper item (at least when compared to the Hedge Maze), it offers less Happiness Points to your town, at a rate of 15,000.

Both of these buildings have less than 10,000 units remaining, as of this writing. Be sure you head over to the game’s page sooner, rather than later, if you’d like to make sure you pick up one or both of them for use in your city.

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