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Thu, Aug 12, 2010

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While games in the Diner Dash series may have started it all, Wedding Dash has made quite a name for itself in PlayFirst’s ever-expanding world of time-management games, so much so in fact that the company has released a new installment in the series, appropriately titled Wedding Dash 4-Ever.

While the game’s story once again stars Flo, originally from Diner Dash fame, as our helpful wedding waitress, and Quinn, the wedding planner extraordinaire, the real difference here is that this time around, not only will you be helping couples plan and throw the perfect wedding, but you’ll also be preparing for Quinn’s wedding as well, via the insistence of Quinn’s mother.

In terms of gameplay, the same basic principles apply – you’ll click on guests to seat them at themed tables. Each guest may come with a special seating request, such as sitting next to another particular guest (or not sitting next to someone in particular), or sitting at a particular table. You’ll pick up their gifts for the bride and groom, and afterward, Flo goes to work serving guests appetizers, entrees, and eventually wedding cake, in that order, as they request them, via thought bubbles above their heads. When they have been fed, you’ll drag them to the dance floor and move on to the next set of wedding guests.

In addition to these expected features, multiple additions have been added this time around. First, the Bride and Groom can join their guests at the dinner table, and you’ll need to keep track of their own wants, just as you do the wedding guests proper. However, they lack the consistency of other guests, and will want to switch back and forth between tables, eat at seemingly random times and so on. Luckily, if they are satisfied for the moment, you can move them back under the wedding arch if they are getting in the way of hungry guests.

More changes come in the form of new level types, in addition to the standard wedding receptions. These include running the actual wedding ceremony and even a Conga Line dance for all in attendance. The wedding ceremony sees you playing as Quinn who must separate the wedding guests and seat them appropriately depending on whose side they are on – the bride’s or the groom’s. You’ll also have to keep track of who each guest wants to sit next to.

Meanwhile, the Conga Line events sees Quinn leading the line, and you’ll need to click on guests in relation to Quinn’s position on the screen. That is, you’ll need to click on guests that are directly next to, above or below Quinn, rather than diagonally from her to add them to the line. If you can gather all of the guests and end with the bride and groom, you’ll receive bonus funds that can be used on upgrades back in the reception or main game levels.

One other main addition of note comes in the change of each reception’s setup. No longer will you be picking food and cake designs for the happy couple. Now, you’ll be told about a particular situation affecting the couple, such as doves that can make a mess of the reception, or a bride’s lost earrings, and you’ll need to click on these items as the reception runs. It’s voluntary to do these things, but each time you complete the task, you’ll earn a decorative item or present to be used in Quinn’s wedding, such as a gazebo, lights, and so on.

Wedding Dash 4-Ever is now available for download on either the PC or Mac. For more information, head over to PlayFirst’s website, and be sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the game below to see exactly what to expect from this latest installment.

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