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Thu, Aug 5, 2010

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It’s another Thursday, which means that another new item theme is upon us in Restaurant City. This week, we launch straight from the baroque, antique era of Versailles and France into the 1950′s, with a Diner/Drive-in theme that will have you singing songs from the movie Grease before all is said and done.

The coin items consist of six different tupes of chairs, three of which look like the rear end of a classic car (one red, one pink and one black). Three tables, in the same three colors, are available that look like the middle section of the classic car. In terms of wall art, you can add a Dr. Pepper Sign to your wall, or an Old Time Playfish Racing Sign. For decorative items, you can buy a statue representing Buddy Holly called Nutty Holly, or a classic TV and radio, among other items.

To complete your car table and chair sets, you’ll need to spend some Playfish Cash, with the hood portions of those three cars (again, red, pink, and black) being available for either 3 or 4 Playfish Cash each. Other premium items include statues of Sandy Orange and Danny Zucchini (Sandy and Danny from Grease), and a Kitchen King statue. The three are available for 9, 10, and 12 Playfish Cash, respectively. A functional item comes in the form of a Gas Pump costing 8 Playfish Cash, which replaces all of the trash on your floor with oil slicks. Your customers won’t slip on the oil, but you can receive up to 8 coins for each oil slick you remove. Finally, a SMUG Fridge is available for 15 Playfish Cash that serves drinks 18% faster than a traditional drink dispenser, while a Red Cadisnack Stove in the shape of a car is finishes out the theme for 25 Playfish Cash – it cooks food 20% faster than a normal stove.

A few free gifts are also available in this theme, including a Dinner Sofa Corner and Black Steel Chair, along with a Jock Jacket which can be warn by your avatar (other avatar items include Greaser jackets for boys and pink sweaters for girls).

Finally, what better way to really kick off this theme than with the introduction of new recipes? For this theme, there are a few, including two Main dishes and a Drink. The first Main dish is the Chili Dog, which takes 3 ingredients to learn: Pork, Flour, and Chili. It is a limited time only dish, which means that you have the next 19 days to learn it, or you’ll lose it, potentially forever.

Also a limited time dish is the Rib ‘n’ Wings, which also takes three ingredients to learn: Pork, Chicken and Sweetcorn. It has the same 19 day time limit as the Chili.

Finally, a new Drink recipe shows off the game’s new cross-promotion with Dr. Pepper. In addition to the Dr. Pepper Sign available as a decorative item (see the image above), you can now serve your guests a Dr. Pepper Float, that is, if you can learn the recipe before it expires in 24 days. The recipe takes, as you might have guessed, Ice Cream and Dr. Pepper, the game’s newest ingredient. Both ingredients are available to send as free gifts via the game’s free gifts menu.

In addition, if you can master the dish to level 10, you’ll receive the Dr. Pepper Vending Machine, which earns 300 coins every 4 hours, and will never break.

If you didn’t notice, there are (interestingly) no new wallpapers of flooring options available with this theme. While not a guarantee, normally when such a thing happens, a second or even third week of the same theme follows the initial launch. Regardless of whether we stay in the 1950′s next week or move on to something else, be sure to check back with us for coverage of the next Restaurant City item theme.

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