Get a YoVille Snail to Clean Your Tank in FishVille

Thu, Mar 11, 2010

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Zynga has really taken to the idea of cross-promotion in their games. Perhaps the most noteworthy example is the addition of Hot Rod farm vehicles (a nod to Mafia Wars) in FarmVille, but Zynga has been advertizing FarmVille within Cafe World, and in PetVille for some time now as well. The latest combination sees two different games entirely come together, as FishVille users can now get their hands on a snail from.. wait for it.. YoVille.

Yes, the combination is odd, but let’s go with it, shall we? Just as the Hot Rod Seeder in FarmVille required you to earn 10 levels in Mafia Wars to unlock, here, users will , according to, have to gain 10 levels in YoVille to receive the snail in FishVille. Conversely, you can purchase the snail for 20 Sand Dollars, if you just aren’t that patient, or have no interest in playing another game.

What good does owning the snail do? As an algae-eater, the snail will reduce the amount of grime you’re met with upon logging into the game by half, saving you a bit of trouble when scrubbing the tank with a sponge yourself, which is especially helpful if you’re away from the game for a few days.

Head over to the FishVille game page to see the cross-promotion in action for yourself.

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